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<transcy>Kau Kee Hong
Kong Style Chenpi Fish Ball 200g (Frozen -18℃)</transcy>

Kau Kee Hong Kong Style Chenpi Fish Ball 200g (Frozen -18℃)

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Net Content: 200g

Origin: Hong Kong

Product Feature

Jiu Kee Food Factory started out 59 years ago by making Chenpi Fish Balls. Now it has re-launched a new formula to improve the quality, hoping to let everyone eat the authentic street-Hong Kong-style fishballs.

Our Chenpi Fish Balls are made with high graded yellowfin tuna, using the oil essence and the sweet tangerine peel for flavoring. With its golden outer appearance, smooth yet elastic texture, it won’t deform or swell when cooking while maintaining its original fish flavor.

Kau Kee Fish Ball uses high-quality deep-sea fish meat as raw materials, we never use farmed freshwater fish in order to ensure healthy and safety for consumers. We pack our products independently so they’re convenient and hygienic.

We promise you no preservatives or coloring were added, and they are 100% made in Hong Kong.

How to eat: Suitable for steaming, boiling, frying, hot pot, barbecue, convection oven, gas fryer

Storage Condition: Keep frozen at -18℃. Can be cooked directly without thawing. Do not refreeze once thawed.

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